The new KAPTAIN has appeared.


KAPTAIN G is designed to complete your flight experience.
We took advantages that wearable devices can have
and removed unnecessary features.
It is sophisticated and yet stylish.
Introducing KAPTAIN G,
the next level of FPV.
LCoS Panel

LCoS panels are applied to KAPTAIN G to perform higher resolution and natural color reproduction.
Panels with the high contrast ratio makes it easier to distinguish objects.
This increases accuracy of FPV flight.
In addition, it displays screens with no distortion during receiving video with HDMI input.
It's just a half inch small screen.

KAPTAIN has 5.8Ghz 40CH

built-in RF module.

No additional purchase is required

It also has low latency,

to help you to fly in real time.

Radio Frequency

Diversity system automatically

finds the strongest signal

in real time using two antennas.

This allows pilots to avoid
the risk of accidents.


Channel Selection Mode

There are 3 channel mode presets in OSD

which is a great flight helper.

Before starting the flight, select

the appropriate preset according to

the radio environment. For a simple start.

Select channels only with

corresponding signal strength


On-Screen Display

You can see the selected RF band and channel, channel selection mode,
recording status, signal strength, and battery voltage on the status bar.

Band / Channel Info (default)

The LED Display on the front of the goggles is another way to express yourself.
It shows the band and the channel you are currently using.
You can also customize any pattern you want with the dedicated software.

Internal cooling fan is built

inside KAPTAIN G to defog
the lenses of the goggles.
It prevents panels from
getting humid during
long flights.

Anti-fog Fan

KAPTAIN supports HDMI input

up to 1920x1080.
It allows you to receive

much higher quality

video sources. 

HDMI Input

Most electronic devices

have a power button

as they are supposed to.
You don't have to unplug
the battery from the goggles to turn it off anymore.

Power Button

Front LED Display